Gummies hair: the truth and falsehoods

Fighting hair loss, promoting hair growth, obtaining beautiful hair volume, etc. Many preconceived ideas circulate about hair gummies. In this article, we will untangle the truth from the false in order to determine whether these new hair supplements in the form of chewing gums are really effective, without any side effects on health? 

What are hair gummies? 

Gummies, which arrived from the United States, are food supplements that resemble "vitamin candy" with their soft texture and sweet taste. 

Made popular by the stories of world-famous influencers such as the Kardashian family, they have boosted the image of dietary supplements, which are now very fashionable on the networks. Brands are going all out on marketing with cool names and eye-catching colours. 

Gummies - a vitamin cure or a sugar cure? 

More fun but also more effective - False

The manufacturers of gummies put forward their fun and tasty side to argue that they facilitate hair treatment. However, they are less effective because they contain less active ingredients than capsule food supplements. 

Gummies are high in sugar - True

In addition to gelling and acidifying agents, the composition of gummies contains sugars. Thus, in one of its articles, the magazine 60 millions de consommateurs warns against the perverse effects of hair gummies. 

It warns about the amount of sugar present in these new generation food supplements: "Whatever the brand, these chewing gums contain about one gram of sugar per unit", thus assimilating the gummies cures to "glucose and sucrose cures", sugars "devoid of any nutritional interest". 

They are added to those in our diet which are already very rich in bad sugars: sweetened drinks, processed foods, etc. 

The article concludes that "sucking on these gums several times a day may increase the addiction to the sweet taste... The ultimate in products that are supposed to improve health."

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myVeggie microgranules

At myVeggie, we have developed a whole new generation of hair supplements that combine the best of nature and technology. 

Our microgranules combine maximum effectiveness and simplified dosage: finally, the hair and nail treatment that fully meets your needs:

  • Better diffusion at the digestive level
  • Gradual release of assets
  • Greater speed of action
  • Better absorption of assets
  • 1 capsule of microgranules = 2 to 4 or even 5 capsules of classic powders.
  • The capsules can be opened and the Microgranules can be added to a spoonful of compote, yoghurt or any other semi-solid food, or taken under the tongue.

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Controversy over the side effects of certain hair gummies 

Hair gummies have no side effects - False 

It is the Anses (National Health Security Agency) that is alerting on the undesirable effects of certain hair gummies. 

Indeed, two cases of acute hepatitis have been reported for which the responsibility of the manufacturer of hair gums has been judged "very likely" by the experts. 

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Food supplements are like medicines, there are precautions to be taken - True 

A hair and nail treatment during pregnancy? While some pregnant women see their hair becoming more and more beautiful - volume, shine, strength, etc. - for others it is quite the opposite. Hair supplements can be seen as a miracle solution. But they are not recommended for pregnant women. 

Some people suffer from allergies and deficiencies and should consult a doctor before starting a hair gummie cure. 

In general, it is important to respect the dosage to avoid harmful effects. The risk associated with gummies is that the dosage is exceeded or that children discreetly gorge themselves on them.