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60 capsules| 1 to 2 capsules a day

Is your hair weak, dull or slow growing?
Does your skin feel dry and lackluster?
Are your nails brittle, soft or streaked?

Seasonal changes, stress, temporary fatigue, pollution, pregnancy, dietary imbalances, menopause, age, and dyeing or bleaching products are just some of the things that can affect the quality of your skin, hair and nails.

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Vos cheveux sont fragilisés, ternes et poussent lentement ?
Votre peau manque d'éclat, tiraille ?
Vos ongles sont cassants, mous ou striés ?

Les changements de saison, le stress, la fatigue passagère, la pollution, la grossesse, les déséquilibres alimentaires, la ménopause, l’âge, les colorations, sont quelques-unes des causes qui peuvent modifier la qualité des cheveux, de la peau et des ongles.

Un bon équilibre nutritionnel favorise la régénération des tissus et une bonne croissance de la fibre capillaire et des ongles.

En plus de l'application de vos crèmes et soins, apporter des éléments nutritifs qui vont améliorer l'équilibre de l'intérieur pour que vos cheveux, votre peau et vos ongles retrouvent force, vigueur et éclat.

myVeggie Cheveux Peau Ongles optimise les apports nutritionnels des éléments favorisant la beauté et la vitalité des cheveux, de la peau et des ongles.

Pour rendre nos cheveux plus forts, plus brillants, plus beaux

  • Stimuler la pousse des cheveux
  • Fortifier les cheveux
  • Fortifier les ongles
  • Favoriser la pousse et la résistance des ongles
  • Hydrater la peau

Découvrez notre article détaillé sur la chute des cheveux ici

Composition Dosage NRV
Millet 200mg
Arugula 120 mg
Ascophyllum 120 mg
which Vitamin C
60 mg
30 mg
37,5% of NRV
Bilberry 40 mg
Burdock 40 mg
Zinc (gluconate) 22 mg / (Zinc) : 3 mg 30% of NRV
Organic mushroom of the sun (agaricus blazei) 20 mg
Vitamin B3 16 mg 100% of NRV
Vitamin B2 1,4 mg 100% of NRV
Vitamin B6 1,4 mg 100% of NRV
Vitamin B8 50 ug 100% of NRV
Sodium selenite 36 ug / (Selenium):
16,5 ug
30% of NRV

Xylitol / Mannitol (bulking agent)
Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (coating)

Ingredients for 2 capsules
NRV: Nutritional Reference Values

Find the full list of plants here
Find the full list of vitamins here
Find the full list of mineral salts here

Our myVeggie Skin Hair & Nails dietary supplement is made up of ingredients selected with great care for their targeted effects:


  • Bilberry supports microcirculation in the scalp
  • Arugula contributes to healthier hair follicles and supports hair growth
  • Ascophyllum helps maintain skin health and firmness, hydrates the skin, nourishes hair and nails, and strengthens nails
  • Burdock contributes to maintaining radiant skin
  • Vitamins B2, B3, B8, C, and Zinc contribute to maintaining skin health
  • Vitamin B8, Selenium and Zinc contribute to maintaining hair health
  • Selenium contributes to maintaining healthy nails

Take 1 to 2 capsules per day with a glass of water
One container = 1 to 2 month supply, depending on daily use

For best effects, we recommend using this supplement for at least 4 months, in keeping with the natural growth cycle of hair.

This dietary supplement should not replace a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
Do not exceed recommended daily dosage.
Keep out of reach of children.
Excess consumption of Xylitol and Mannitol may have a laxative effect.
Please check with your doctor before taking nutritional supplements.

Arugula, like cabbage, radishes or turnips, is part of the cruciferous family. Rich in health benefits, it has long been known as a valuable herbal medicine, and was already used in ancient times to stimulate hair growth.


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What are myVeggie products made with? 🔍

All myVeggie food supplements contain:

  • Standardised plant extracts
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • 100% natural actives
  • 100% vegan capsules
  • No animal substances in products or containers
Where are myVeggie products made? 📌
All our products are exclusively designed and manufactured in France.
Why a vegan certification? 🌿
To guarantee full transparency so you can trust our brand. We wanted to follow very strict criteria that applied to the products themselves as well as packaging and containers. Among other things, they are free from phthalates, nanoparticles, parabens, bisphenols, as well as other substances which scientists deem harmful to human health.
You can consult the specifications of our EVE VEGAN certification (based in France, with international standards)
Are myVeggie products suitable for children? 🧒

Our myVeggie products have been formulated for adults.
We advise anyone under 18 to seek the advice of a health professional before taking any dietary supplement.

Are your products available in pharmacies? ⚕️
All our food supplements are available for sale in pharmacies.
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