All our actives are extracted from ingredients carefully selected for their properties and assembled using innovative microgranule technology.

Our actives (organic plants and fungi, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients) are applied in successive layers over a neutral core.

Our outstanding microgranules are then encased in a 100% vegetable capsule.

100% natural actives


Vitamins & Minerals

Part of the microgranule containing the vitamins et minerals


Dried titred extracts of organic plants and fungi

Part of the microgranule containing the dried titred extracts of organic plants and fungi



Neutral part of the microgranule

What are the advantages?

1 myVeggie capsule = 2 to 4 typical powder gel caps

Fewer daily doses means they’re easier to take.
No taste.
Microgranules help to preserve actives and deliver all the benefits of plant-based ingredients.

What are some of the benefits of this technical innovation?

- Better preservation of active ingredients
- Improved digestive diffusion
- Faster dissolution of actives
- Improved absorption of actives
- Improved bioavailability
- Faster effectiveness
- Improved effectiveness

By combining titred plant actives with this outstanding technology, we can provide you with the highly effective products you expect from us.

Our capsules can be opened up to remove the microgranules and take them sublingually or on a teaspoon.

*No GMOs
*No allergens
*No gluten
*No lactose
*No titanium dioxide
*No dyes
*No artificial flavouring
*No animal substances
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