Water retention in the legs, how to deflate? Causes and natural solutions

A good digestion is essential to assimilate the nutrients, vitamins and minerals of the food we eat. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be long and painful. MyVeggie proposes you to discover a top 7 of the best easy-to-digest foods to reduce reduce bloating and other digestive problems !

#1 Green beans

Like most easily digested vegetablesvegetables, green green beans are rich in fiber and help maintain intestinal transit. Perfectly tolerated by the intestines, this food against constipation contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements! Nevertheless, prefer extra-fine green beans, without fiber or grains, and try to cook them well to avoid flatulence.

#2 Fennel

The fennel is also ideal for feeding in case of digestive disorders. Appreciated in salads, itl can also be prepared cooked in a pan or in a gratin. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, this vegetable has antispasmodic antispasmodic properties that help limit bloating and abdominal pain. Its aniseed and sweet flavor goes well with many foods such as potatoes or carrots!

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#3 Fermented milk yogurt

Other easy-to-digest food : le yogurt. Once ingested, the live bacteria present in this fermented milk-based preparation are found in the intestine, where they continue their fermentation activity in order to help digestion. In addition, the texture of yogurt, unlike milk, slows down the intestinal transit, allowing more time for the enzymes to complete the digestion process.

#4 Black radish

Among the digestible foodsblack radish is known for its benefits, especially for the liver. Containing raphanin, this food fights against gastrointestinal disorderspromotes the secretion of bile, and thus contributes to the drainage of the liveras well as to theelimination of toxins accumulated in the body. The black radish is consumed like a red radish, in raw form, grated, prepared in remoulade, or cooked!

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#5 Eggs

As part of a balanced diet, eggs contribute to digestive health. In addition to being rich in nutrients, eggs are much more digestible than other protein foods such as meat and legumes. Because of their sulfur content, eggs can cause gas, but they are also very beneficial for other digestive symptoms.

#6 Apples

Containing pectin, a so-called soluble fiber, apples are undoubtedly one of the easiest foods to digest. foods that are easy to digest! ! Once ingested, it turns into a gel during digestion and thus helps to prevent constipation. The apple has also been the subject of many clinically tested studies: it would also help to reduce the risk of intestinal diseases inflammatory bowel diseases and would contribute to prevent inflammation of the colon.

#7 Lawyers

In case of difficult digestionnote that the avocado contains approximately 7% of fibres, which facilitates the intestinal transit. Consumed daily, the avocado is a good food for the stomach helps to prevent constipation, and participates in the rapid digestion thanks to its high fiber content.

In addition to eating these easy-to-digest foodsyou are looking for a cure with food supplements for digestion ? MyVeggie offers 100% natural gummiescomposed of chicory, curmura, milk thistle and sun mushroom, which help to cleanse the intestinal transit.