Protecting people, nature and animals!

Because we are aware that all forms of life depend on each other, we have chosen to support 3 associations: Sea Shepherd, Générations Futures, Fondation assistance des animaux.

We commit to donating 1% of your orders on the website and you choose the association you want to support by voting for one of them when you order.

myVeggie's choice
Sea Shepherd

"We are concerned about our Earth, but also about the seas, of which more than 70% are composed. They are a precious, fragile asset and a source of life that we must preserve. Committed to the respect of all forms of life, we also wish to participate in the protection of marine animals.

Sea Shepherd is an international organization whose direct actions are aimed at preserving the oceans. Sea Shepherd's mission is to fight the destruction of marine life and habitat as a whole... Since 1977, we have used innovative direct action strategies to defend, conserve and protect the fragile biodiversity of our seas and oceans, and to enforce international conservation laws that are too often flouted.

The choice of myVeggie
Future generations

"We have chosen to support Générations Futures because we share their concerns about the environment. At myVeggie, we do not use pesticides to preserve the Earth for future generations.

Générations Futures is an environmental protection association, founded in 1996 under a first name: "Mouvement pour les Droits et le Respect des Générations Futures". It was approved by the Ministry of Ecology in 2014 and recognised as being of general interest.

myVeggie's choice
Fondation Assistance aux Animaux

"Animal protection is one of the pillars of our brand. This concern is at the heart of our work: no component is of animal origin in our products and no tests are carried out on animals. That's why we want to support this foundation, the mother of all foundations we know today."

" The Fondation Assistance aux Animaux is the very first Foundation created in France for the defence of mistreated and abandoned animals. Assistance aux Animaux was founded in 1930 by Mrs Mesubeur to help animals in distress and promote respect for animal life. The association became the Fondation Assistance aux Animaux in 1989. It is a charitable organisation, recognised as being of public utility since 14 March 1989, which operates under the auspices of the Ministries of the Interior, Agriculture, Finance and the Environment.

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