Wellness for a better life

Wellness", a triple balance

We all want to feel good in our minds and bodies - it's only natural! To achieve this, we can turn to so-called "wellness" practices, which are beneficial to our health and give us a sense of satisfaction. At myVeggie, we propose to go even further by helping you to achieve "wellness".


Wellness" is defined by a threefold balance, on the physical level (absence of illness, tonus, etc.), on the psychological level (emotional stability, serene mind, etc.) and on the environmental level (good social relations, satisfying work, harmony with nature, etc.).

By definition, balance is about finding stability at all times: wellness is therefore an ongoing process that must be nurtured throughout one's life.


Aiming for wellness... we know you share this conviction with us! But beyond certain well-known beneficial reflexes - hydrating well throughout the day, eating more fruit and vegetables, practising physical activity, etc. - this quest comes up against the reality of our modern lifestyle, starting with the stress it carries. - This research comes up against the reality of our modern lifestyle, starting with the stress that it carries.


This is why myVeggie offers you a twofold support: it includes food supplements that will act on a physical and mental level, but also advice on how to regain good lifestyle habits. You will find it even easier to adopt these food supplements and advice if you enjoy them.

"We want to help you gain a sense of greater control over your daily well-being.

Véronique, founder of myVeggie.








We know that you share this conviction with us!

Numerous studies prove this, including the one carried out by Odoxa in 2019, which confirms that 8 out of 10 French people consider it important to preserve their health. The people questioned mentioned certain beneficial reflexes: drinking 1.5 litres of water per day, eating more fruit and vegetables, practising physical activity, eating less salty or sweet foods or sleeping 8 hours a night.

But, because there is a but ... the reality of our modern lifestyles has an impact that must be taken into account. And we can do much more or much better and with pleasure 😊.
This is the support we offer you.

Today's lifestyles as a source of 'imbalances


The world in which we live does not facilitate the state of our balance. Balance is essential for our well-being.

  1. Our lifestyles are often too aggressive: stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, mental overload, emotional instability, pollution...
  2. We don't listen enough to our body and the signals it sends us.
  3. Our diet is more unbalanced today, too rich, too processed, not vegetarian enough. In addition, the nutritional quality of our fruit and vegetables has declined.
    The result? Deficiencies that could be avoided.
  4. Did you know that nearly 25% of the world's population is deficient in iron, with women being the most deficient? The result is chronic fatigue, exhaustion, hair loss, a pale complexion and sometimes even the onset of metabolic diseases.
  5. The abandonment of regular physical activity and an overly sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of dysfunction in our bodies: weight gain, hypertension, diabetes, etc.
  6. Lack of information.


Eating well, adopting a balanced lifestyle, prioritising a healthy lifestyle... begs the question "Where do I start?" At myVeggie we show you that it's actually very simple, full of common sense and always fun!

Take action!

what is a vegan diet
  • On a daily basis.

  • To prevent difficult times.

    "Prevention is cure" is also our motto.
    Each year brings its share of more complicated periods to go through: changes of season, exams, stress at work.... We can act preventively by strengthening, energising or protecting our metabolism to improve our well-being and take care of our health.

  • During convalescence

    Well-being even during the illness is important. Micronutrition helps to alleviate side effects and strengthen a weakened metabolism. It is an effective way of accompanying medication. Ask our team and your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

To preserve your health capital 

By definition, capital is not inexhaustible. We must therefore ensure that we maintain it throughout our lives. At myVeggie, we help you do just that, and always with pleasure 😊