Eve Vegan Certification

Why a vegan certification ?

We chose EVE Vegan certification because of its high standards. This certification guarantees that our products respect the fundamental principles of veganism according to globally accepted standards, including respect for animals, the environment and human health. Our ambition at myVeggie is to be fully transparent so you can trust our brand.

That's why, to achieve EVE Vegan 01 certification, we work exclusively with partners who join us in following our high standards or were already doing so, in all areas including production, printing and communication. This means we can ensure that every aspect of our business is in line with our values. Together with our partners, we make every effort to ensure that our product packaging materials are eco-friendly and completely free of animal substances, just like the products they contain.

We received our certification from the experts at EVE who checked our products according to very strict vegan criteria. These apply to our containers, packaging and packing materials as well as our products themselves. Among other things, all our products and packaging are free from phthalates, nanoparticles, parabens, bisphenols, as well as other substances scientifically deemed harmful to human health.

Who are they ?

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« Expertise Végane Europe, better known under the acronym EVE Vegan (registered trademark), is a French organisation for the inspection and labeling of vegan products. The organisation travels in the field to guarantee compliance with vegan criteria and issues certificates of compliance with vegan and organic agriculture standards for farmers, products, and services. »

Founding principles of the certification

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EVE VEGAN certification is valid worldwide. It ensures that products and services respect the fundamental principles of veganism according to internationally recognised criteria.

Designing and developing vegan products doesn't just mean avoiding animal products. It also means embarking on the path of innovation and promoting animal-friendly purchase and consumption.

Choosing EVE means choosing to consult experts who are committed to ensuring consumer protection, fair competition and proven claims.

For more details, please visit the organisation's website at It's a goldmine of information where you'll find the answers to all your questions about the certification process.

You can even use the website to check which products and services are certified – try it with myVeggie!

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