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Why a vegan label?

We chose the EVE Vegan certification because it is a label that goes further. It guarantees consumers that the fundamental principles of veganism are respected according to criteria that are valid throughout the world, such as respect for animals, the environment and human health. At myVeggie, our wish is to be transparent so that you can trust us.

This is why all our partners (production, communication, printer...) have followed us and sometimes even preceded us in finding solutions to always be in line with our values and obtain the EVE Vegan 01 label. Indeed, we have done everything possible, with them, to ensure that the packaging of our products is environmentally friendly and that no component of animal origin enters into their composition, just like the products they contain.

We obtained this label from experts at EVE, who checked our products according to very strict vegan criteria, which apply to both the contents of our products and their containers. They are free of phthalates, nanoparticles, parabens, bisphenols and other substances classified as harmful by the scientific community.

Who are they?

Source : www.certification-vegan.org/fr/

"Expertise Végane Europe, under the acronym EVE Vegan (registered trademark), is a French control and labelling organisation for vegan products. The office intervenes in the field to guarantee the respect of vegan criteria and delivers certificates of conformity for products, services and farmers of the organic and vegan agricultural standard.

The founding principles of the label

Source : www.certification-vegan.fr

EVE VEGAN compliance is valid worldwide. It guarantees that the products or services comply with the essential principles of veganism according to international criteria.

Designing and developing vegan products also means committing to innovation and promoting an animal-friendly way of consumption.

Choosing EVE means choosing to work with specialists who are committed to consumer protection, fair competition and the protection of claims.

If you want to know more, don't hesitate to visit the label's website https://www.certification-vegan.org/fr/, it is a mine of information, where the most curious among you will find all the answers to their questions.

You can even check if the products or services you consume are certified, have fun testing with myVeggie!

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