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Detox: myth or reality?

The detox solutions that some marketing professionals propose in the spring have been decried by some food specialists, but what is really going on? After a bad diet and a drop in your vitality, you want to turn to a detox cure but you doubt its effectiveness? Zoom on the truths, but also on the inaccuracies on this type of cure and how to help your body to better face the aggressions which it undergoes.

The real effects of a detox for your body

The accumulation of certain toxins or toxic substances in the body, the excessive consumption of alcohol and a bad diet can cause serious disorders for the body such as gout, neurological dysfunctions, certain intoxications of the muscles or the inflammation of certain organs such as the bladder... If we add to this the inhalation of chemical materials such as solvents, the effects can be disastrous.

A detox cure using the scientifically proven virtues of certain plants such as milk thistle or artichoke can help the liver to eradicate these substances and purify the body when it has more difficulty doing so itself.

Good practices to implement to help your body gently eliminate the elements that attack it

But if a detox cure can bring the necessary benefits to eliminate the harmful traces present in the body, you should not think that drinking a few detox soups will be enough to allow you to regain perfect health. For this to be effective, it is essential to engage in a complete and long enough cure to allow your body to eliminate all chemical or toxic substances.

It is also important to adopt a healthy lifestyle for this cure to be effective: refrain from smoking, eating processed foods and make sure to put the brakes on the consumption of alcoholic beverages. You could even take the opportunity to get a massage!

What are the recommended food supplements?


by Julie Pradines, Naturopath.