Harpagophytum, an essential ally for sports recovery  

Harpagophytum, your ally in sports recovery.


Whether you're an occasional, regular or professional athlete, you've probably heard of Harpagophytum, also known as "Devil's Claw", whose Latin or botanical name is "harpagophytum procumbens".

In a world where performance and recovery are essential, Harpagophytum has established itself as an invaluable ally for athletes seeking well-being and optimal form. As a dietary supplement, this plant offers optimized muscle recovery after training or an intense physical event.


Understanding Harpagophytum: properties and benefits

What is Harpagophytum?

Harpagophytum is an ancestral medicinal plant mostly native to the sandy regions of South Africa and Namibia.

Traditionally used by local populations for its tonic properties and its ability to relieve various ailments such as :

  • Joint pain,
  • Allergies,
  • Digestive problems,

Harpagophytum has made a name for itself in the world of natural food supplements, and has conquered the world of sports.


What are the properties and benefits of Harpagophytum?

Harpagophytum is recognized for a multitude of beneficial properties.

Its main asset is its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, helping to alleviate joint and muscle pain.

But its benefits don't stop there. In fact, this plant also aids digestion thanks to its detoxifying qualities. According to Commission E and ESCOP, this makes it a natural remedy for digestive problems.

Harpagophytum is composed of various active elements such as harpagosides, flavonoids and glucosides, which work synergistically to provide effective, natural relief.

  • Harpagosides: play a major role with their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic properties.
  • Flavonoids: help regulate cellular activity and fight free radicals that cause oxidative stress.
  • Glucosides: have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic properties.


Harpagophytum and sports recovery

How does Harpagophytum help you recover better?

After an intense training session, the body needs to recover and regenerate. That's where Harpagophytum comes in. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, this plant helps reduce pain and inflammation, promoting rapid, effective muscle recovery.

And thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, Harpagophytum contributes effectively to this essential phase by reducing pain and inflammation.

Testimonials and studies on the use of Harpagophytum in sport

Numerous athletes and sportspeople attest to the effectiveness of Harpagophytum in improving recovery and performance. Their testimonials attest to the effectiveness of this plant, highlighting the marked improvement in their post-workout recovery.

Studies, such as the one published in the "European Journal of Sport Science" in 2017, also support these testimonials by demonstrating the beneficial effects of this plant on muscle recovery and the prevention of sports injuries.


How to use Harpagophytum for optimal sports recovery?

How to use Harpagophytum?

To reap the full benefits of Harpagophytum, we recommend taking the plant extract two or three times a day, with a meal.

Harpagophytum capsules can also be taken after physical activity for maximum joint and muscle recovery.

When should you take your Harpagophytum capsules?

The EMA recommends a 4-week course of treatment if you wish to regain joint comfort.

You can repeat your cure several times a year if you wish, but we recommend a 2- to 4-week break between each period.

Precautions to take when using Harpagophytum

It should be noted that all substances, even natural ones, should be consumed with caution. Harpagophytum, like other medicinal plants, is no exception to this rule.

As a general rule, harpagophytum should be avoided in the following cases:

  • Pregnant or breast-feeding women
  • Children under the age of 18
  • People with diabetes
  • People suffering from cardiovascular disease
  • People suffering from hypo or hypertension
  • Gastric or duodenal ulcers and gallstones


Make Harpagophytum your ally for better recovery

In conclusion, Harpagophytum is a natural and effective solution for sports recovery. Beyond its benefits for athletes, this plant also offers considerable advantages for general health.

  • For optimal use, choose ORGANIC Harpagophytum, whose active ingredients are generally more present and effective.
  • Harpagophytum has a very pronounced taste, characterized by a natural bitterness. Its consumption in capsule form allows you to enjoy all its benefits without being bothered by its unpleasant taste.
  • Capsules are easy to eat and take with you wherever you go.


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Harpagophytum + Spirulina

  • Harpagophytum: helps maintain joint health
  • Spirulina: helps protect cells and tissues from oxidative stress

Harpagophytum + Horsetail

  • Harpagophytum: helps maintain joint health
  • Horsetail: Stimulates collagen formation in bones, cartilage and tendons

Harpagophytum + Valerian

  • Harpagophytum: helps maintain joint health
  • Valerian: contributes to optimal relaxation

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Author: Véronique, founder of myVeggie