5 detox routines to detoxify the body naturally

You are sorely lacking in energy with low morale ? Everyone should take care of their body, because those visible signs of fatigue may be the result of an accumulation of toxins ! To make a detox regularly helps the body to facilitate their evacuation in order to start again on good bases. Discover the best detox routines for detoxify the body naturally !

Drink lemon water to eliminate toxins

Drink lemon water to eliminate toxins

There's nothing like starting the day on a refreshing note! L'lemon water, a real home-made detox curehas detoxifying properties and helps to stimulate digestionwhich facilitates theelimination of residues. In other words, if you suffer from occasional constipation drinking lemon water will help to facilitate intestinal transit. Note that for optimal results, it is advisable to drink the juice of half a lemon or a whole lemon squeezed in a glass of lukewarm water.

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Stimulate the lymphatic system with dry brushing

lymphatic system

When the lymphatic system becomes congested, there is an accumulation of of toxic waste in the body, which can lead to inflammation which can generate inflammations or certain pathologies. In a preventive perspective, do not hesitate to practice dry brushingwhich offers, in addition toquickly eliminate toxins, a radiant skin!

Add this wellness gesture to your detox routine routine and you will feel the detoxifying effects in a few days, for a boost of energy and a smoother and smoother skin.

Adopt a balanced diet to detoxify the body

detox diet

For detoxify your body naturallyadopt a balanced diet is essential! Several solutions are available to you:

  • Turn to anti-toxin foods that help the body overcome daily attacks: avocado, watercress, honey, turmeric, broccoli, garlic... You are spoilt for choice.
  • Limit the consumption of red meat, soft drinks, processed foods (often too fatty and sweet), deli meats, coffee and alcohol. 
  • Choose fresh and organic and organic fruits and vegetables, as well as a steaming method to preserve all the nutrients.
  • Eat regularly, preferably at set times, and in moderate amounts to help eliminate stored waste. eliminate stored waste and drain your body quickly.

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Practicing regular physical activity

detox physical activity

In order to detoxify your bodyand to activate blood circulation and digestion, a moderate physical activity reinforces the effectiveness of your detox cureIn addition to being excellent for your morale! Only 30 minutes a day are enough to purify the body by burning bad fats, and by evacuating toxins through perspiration.

Take a cure of food supplements to strengthen your body

detox food supplements

For a complete body detoxit is possible to turn to certain food supplements which will act as a real support for the body in order to :

  • facilitate digestion;
  • promote the elimination of fats in the liver;
  • relieve bloating;
  • help to regulate the transit.

You suffer from digestive problems ? Discover the cure of Digestion food supplements myVeggie, formulated with chicory, curmura, milk thistle and sun mushroom. This detox routine for detoxify the body naturally helps to cleanse the body from the insideas well as the intestinal transit. Do not hesitate to test this cure over several weeks, in addition to the advice presented above, or after a period of overeating.