What are the adaptogenic plants?

The plants adaptogens medicinal plants would have the benefit of strengthen the body's resistance to stress and the lack energy, caused by physical and intellectual efforts. The super powers of adaptogenic plants would thus allow toimprove the immune system and the capacity to adapt to the tensions and anxiety to which the body is constantly subjected. Let's zoom in on these plants with their tremendous potential!

Why use adaptogenic medicinal plants? 

The European Medicines Agency defines an adaptogen as " a substance with the ability to normalize body functions and strengthen the body under stress ". In this society where multiple physical and psycho-emotional stresses weaken the health of the French, the benefits of adaptogenic plants contribute greatly to the overall resistance of the body !

The results of a survey published by the Swedish Herbal Institute Research and Development in 2009 highlighted theeffectiveness of adaptogens in fatigue and stress situations. Indeed, these natural plants for the body have a normalizing action action, and intervene especially as a modulator of the modulator of the secretion of corticoids by the adrenal glands in charge of the stress management.

These help the body to harmonize the hormonal system and avoid the peaks that can appear after the use of energizing products, not always adapted to the needs of the body.

The 5 best adaptogenic plants

Adaptogenic plants are more and more popular today, thanks to the evolution of consumption patterns and the popularity of traditional medicines! Here are the 5 plants with adaptogenic properties that stand out.



Indian adaptogenic plantashwagandha is particularly effective in cases of stress, d'insomnia oranxiety. Used in the ayurvedic medicine to naturally boost the immune system and regain vital energy. It acts as a regulator and stimulates the function of the adrenal glands, to allow the body to adapt to states of stress, physical or mental fatigue.

In its ashwagandha dietary supplementsMyVeggie has selected a high quality KSM66 organic extract from the best part of the plant (ashwagandha root) to avoid the presence of withaferin A.



Ginseng, of Asian origin, is one of the most popular most popular adaptogenic plants. A true ally of well-being, taking ginseng food supplements helps to limit fatigue and to to evacuate stress while strengthening the immune system. Its major advantage lies in its numerous pharmacological propertiesIts major advantage lies in its numerous pharmacological properties, allowing the body to preserve its balance and to adjust more easily to stressful situations.

Aloe vera

aloe vera

The aloe vera contributes to the global balance of the various functions of the microbiota. Its regulating effect has been known for hundreds of years, even if it is its anti-inflammatory properties and disinfectant properties that are most often put forward. Aloe vera contains natural substances and active ingredients that provide the body with better stress management, whatever its origin. With 99% water, the aloe gel is the part most used in traditional medicine, since it contains the medicinal virtues of aloe vera.

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Rhodiola, or Rhodiola roseais used for its beneficial effects on mental performance, l'attention and the concentration. This plant, very appreciated in Russia, adapts to the needs of the organism and reinforces the physical and psychic capacity. In case of fatigue or asthenia, the food supplements with Rhodiola facilitate the recovery and increase endurance.



Echinacea is a major adaptogenic plant, native to North America, which strengthens the body and supports the immune system. Recommended to reduce the symptoms of cold and gain in tonicityespecially in winter, the gummies containing echinacea help to overcome fatigue and stress, even if its effectiveness remains less in comparison with other plants.

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