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Astaxanthin: its benefits and virtues (seaweed powder)

Astaxanthin is known to be an excellent antioxidant, capable of protecting cells against the harmful effects of oxidative stress including on the eyes and brain. In this, this alga powder has the benefits of fighting against cellular aging, protecting the skin from the sun and improving the beauty of the skin, particularly by fighting against the appearance of wrinkles. The supplementation of this microalgae is also interesting for the sportsman and to reduce the degradation of the cognitive capacities related to the age. You will have understood, the benefits of astaxanthin are numerous. Overview of the virtues of this microalgae. 

What is astaxanthin? 

Astaxanthin is an alga powder with undeniable benefits. The main natural source is the alga Haematococcus pluvialis, a microalgae of green color but which has the particularity of being able to produce a pigment of red color: astaxanthin. 

It is a natural pigment of the carotenoid family, like beta-carotene for example. However, its antioxidant powers are clearly superior to those of beta-carotene. 

For the small history, the orange color characteristic of certain shellfish like lobsters and shrimps comes precisely from this alga powder. This last one is released at the time of cooking which denatures the protein envelope and releases the molecule. The shellfish then changes color. Krill, salmon or flamingos feed on this microalgae. What to make your Mr. or Mrs. know-it-all at your next dinner party. 

It is a nutrient that is still little known but whose virtues have already been proven by numerous clinical studies. 

What are the benefits and virtues of astaxanthin (seaweed powder)? 

  • Astaxanthin protects against skin aging. It fights against the deleterious effects of the sun on the skin, in particular the formation of wrinkles and spots, in particular by supporting the elasticity and the hydration of the skin and by playing a role of UV protection. However, taking this molecule does not replace UV protection when exposed to the sun. 
  • This seaweed powder boosts cognitive functions by fighting against age-related deterioration. 
  • Immune system support and anti-inflammatory
  • Support of the cardiovascular system
  • Improved eye health
  • Astaxanthin improves male fertility by affecting the quality and quantity of spermatozoa. 
  • This microalgae increases endurance and strength, promotes muscle recovery and helps prevent joint and muscle damage during sports. 

The benefits of astaxanthin act by capturing the free radicals that are responsible for cellular aging. It decreases overall the symptoms of ageing, particularly on the skin, the retina and the cognitive capacities. 

Indeed, unlike other more known antioxidants, this alga powder has the virtue to penetrate the eyes and the brain to exert its antioxidant benefits. Astaxanthin also has the ability to not become pro-oxidant as is the case with beta-carotene, zeaxanthin or vitamin E, depending on the circumstances. 

A regular intake of this microalgae could reduce chronic muscle or joint pain. 

Are there any contraindications to the consumption of astaxanthin? 

For the time being, no contraindication has been revealed concerning the toxicity or the known side effects of this molecule. On the other hand, it is advised, particularly to the pregnant and breast-feeding women to ask the opinion of a health professional before making a cure of food complements of astaxanthin.