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Using Ashwagandha for a better sleep

Coming from the root of the Indian plant Withania somnifera, the ashwagandha powderalso known as Indian ginsengis used in traditional Indian medicine for its multiple virtues on health. Many are those who make of it cures for the sleep in order toto improve sleep. Find out how to how to use ashwagandha for a better sleep !

The benefits of ashwagandha on sleep

The medications for insomnia often develop a risk of addiction, even dependence among consumers. L'soporific action of ashwagandha represents a source of hope for to cure insomnia naturally and without risk!

The Indian ginseng has real sleep-inducing qualities by acting on the problems of chronic fatigueas well as fatigue related to anemia and convalescences. To verify the effects of ashwagandha on sleepscientists have highlighted, in a meta-analysis including 5 trials, an encouraging result in adults suffering from insomnia. A treatment with a dose higher than 600 mg/day, during at least 8 weeks, had been prescribed to them.

Ashwagandha is thus an ideal ally with many benefits: 

  • Optimal relaxation before going to sleep.
  • Resistance to stress associated with a sense of well-being.
  • A faster falling asleep and a restful sleep without untimely awakenings.
  • A better ability to adapt to stressful situations (daily life, pollution, pain...).
  • A stronger resistance of the organism in front of the drops of energy, etc.

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Why take ashwagandha supplements?

If this medicinal plant used in phytotherapy was once banned in France, using ashwagandha for a better sleep is now authorized. Generally proposed in powder or capsules, the latter have the advantage of not retranscribing its taste, for the recalcitrant palates, and of being more practical to consume! To take advantage of all the benefits of Indian ginsengHowever, it is important that they are titrated in withanolides of at least 5%. It is also preferable to choosecertified organic ashwagandha.

In its ashwagandha food supplementsMyVeggie has chosen KSM66, a high quality organic extract derived exclusively from the best part of the plant (ashwagandha root), in order to limit the presence of withaferin A. The extraction is carried out without chemical solvents to preserve all the nutrients.

How to use ashwagandha?

There are several posologies, which result from the products elaborated from this plant, but also from the specificities of each individual. Do not hesitate to takeashwagandha for sleep starting with small doses, and slowly increase them if no side effects are felt.

On the other hand, if any symptoms related to ashwagandha symptoms occur, it will be necessary to reduce the quantityor stop its consumption if they persist. As for the best time to take ashwagandhaone one dose in the morning and another at lunchtime is sufficient. You can take it if needed before the evening meal to to prepare for a restful sleepYou can take it if you need to before dinner to prepare for a good night's sleep, but not before bedtime. With Indian herbs as powerful as this one, it can be interesting to start a one month cure.

Now you know how to how to use ashwagandha for better sleep ! In search of new solutions to sleep well ? Find without further delay all the food supplements for sleep myVeggie, to regain control of your nights.